Sponsor a Day, Save a Life

The average cost of our client is $400. We have started a new campaign with the intentions of every day over the next year, our clinic being sponsored by a supporter of PRC. To learn more please contact Reggie at 320-253-5333.

Get started today. To sponsor a day please your donation of $400 with the specific day you choose to sponsor and whom you wish to sponsor that day in honor or memorial of. The faithful and generous contributions of individuals, businesses and churches in our community make the ministry of PRC possible.

  • Becoming a Monthly Donor supporting the center through electronic funds transfer.
  • Giving a gift in memory of a friend or a loved one for a special occasion. A card will be sent notifying them of your donation.
  • Remembering us in your will or designating PRC as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
  • Directing part or all of your United Way donation to PRC.
  • Asking if your employer has a Corporate Matching Gifts Program. Corporations and businesses will often match contributions made by their employees up to a certain limit. Your gift to PRC then doubles it’s value!
  • Asking if your employer has an employee based committee that determines where charitable dollars will be allocated. Suggest to the committee that they donate to PRC.